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Avitamarc Productions (pronounced:aveetamark) is a video and multimedia productions company providing a very high end skill set at costs well below most other production companies. This is accomplished by not keeping a long list of employees requiring constant wages and benefits. Don’t get me wrong, when needed we access a list of award winning photographers and post production editors and graphics artists. All for the sole purpose of producing the very best video and multimedia projects possible.

By not retaining a list of full time employee’s we are able to keep costs to a bare minimum. This in turn equals huge savings for our customers. Lets face it, in this economic climate we all want to save wherever possible and our goal at Avitamarc Productions is to give each and every client what they need at a price they can afford.


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With so many businesses purchasing their own video production equipment to produce in house video’s, Avitamarc offers excellent training to those new to video but need to keep budgets as low as possible by doing it themselves.